Members of the Committee

  1. Dr. Swati Sayankar, Chairperson, Principal
  2. Mrs.Nilima Patil, Member, Assistant Professor
  3. Mrs.Asawari Sawant, Member, Assistant Professor
  4. Ms. Kalyani Namjoshi, Member, Assistant Professor

Student Committee Member

  1. Ms.Apoorva Kulkarni (T.Y.BCA)
  2. Ms.Sanika Kulkarni (S.Y.BCA)
  3. Ms.Piyusha More (S.Y.BCA)
  4. Ms.Revati Deshmukh (S.Y.BCA)
  5. Ms.Tanuja Alai (F.Y.BCA)

Event List

  • Cognitive Exchange (USA) Soft Skill Training Program
  • Quick Heal Cyber Security Awareness Campaign
  • Workshop of Aptitude & Mock Interview
  • Art of Living-Happiness & Soft Skill Program
  • Guest Lectures
  • Vachan Prerana Diwas
  • Alumnae Meet
  • MOU Signing Ceremony
  • Career Opportunities in IT Session for Mahilashram and Siddihivinayak
  • National/State Level Seminar